4 Remarkable Benefits of Choosing Aluminium Shutters

Posted on: 4 October 2019

The occurrence of adverse weather conditions have been on the rise nowadays, and homeowners are searching for strong exterior coverings to protect their homes. Coverings not only protect the building but also keep the occupants safe when a natural disaster occurs.

Aluminium shutters are excellent coverings you can consider today and are suitable for industrial and domestic use. These shutters are basically made of aluminium. What makes this material better compared to the rest? Can the shutters weather the storm and still remain solid for many years to come? Here are several benefits you will enjoy when you use aluminium shutters:

Enhances security

When installed on your doors or windows, aluminium shutters will offer the security you and your loved ones require. Whether you are at home or work, the burglars who come near the house will not find any vulnerabilities they can capitalise on to break into your home. Compared to other kinds of shutters, aluminium shutters offer a high level of security, so you'll be at peace knowing that no one can access your property.

Highly durable

Aluminium is a durable material that can withstand breakage or damage. It is strong like steel and can resist corrosion. When exposed to moisture or any other elements that can cause corrosion, aluminium forms an oxide layer on the surface to protect itself from rust damage. This thin oxide layer is water resistant, and when damages occur it will repair itself immediately. Moreover, little maintenance is required throughout the lifetime of the shutters. Simply dust them, and they will appear new for many years to come.

A wide range of finish options

If you want shutters that come in a satin black or white finish or anything in between, consider getting aluminium shutters. After fabrication, the shutters are powder coated in multiple colours, so you can choose the colour you like or the one that complements your style. Just talk to your fabricator, and they will custom make them for you.

Protection against UV rays

Thanks to its highly reflective features, aluminium will offer the protection you require from the sunlight. When you close these shutter on a sunny day, UV rays will not penetrate into your home and affect the occupants or possessions such as curtains, furniture and other belongings. The shutters will also keep the house cooler by reflecting the sun's rays. Note that the heat is trapped indoors when you close them – this is perfect for the winter months.