Designing Custom Blinds for Your Child's Room? Consider the Following Features

Posted on: 28 December 2018

Adding blinds to your child's room is an excellent way of creating a fun and uplifting environment. Blinds are a better choice than curtains in kids' rooms because they're easier to maintain and you have a lot of flexibility when selecting designs and materials.

But where can you start when choosing the perfect blinds for your child's room? Consider these 4 must-have features.

1. Cellular shades

First off, your child will need protection from the sun. Strong UV rays can affect your child's health and create an uncomfortable environment. Make sure you select a fabric that provides UV protection.

Cellular shades are useful options to consider. They come in endless colours, shapes and sizes to fit perfectly on your windows. You can also vary the texture of cellular shades to create a fun and interesting pattern for your kids. Just make sure the blinds fit well on your child's windows so they can block out the sun effectively.

2. A Cordless design

Safety is also an important factor to consider. Blinds with loose hanging cords are a strangling hazard for children. Therefore, consider a cordless design that is safe and easy to use.

There are many different blinds that are cordless, from classic Venetian blinds to Roman-style fabrics. The key is to select a convenient and durable design for your kids' rooms. Expect your children to subject your blinds to frequent wear and tear. Therefore, sturdy materials will help you minimise replacement costs.

The blinds should also be quite easy to open or close so the kids have an easier time operating them.

3. Bright and uplifting colours

Remember that blinds add to the overall theme in a room, and this is no different for children. When considering colour choices, select a theme that falls in line with your child's room. If they have busy walls that are filled with artwork and paintings, neutral-coloured blinds may work better.

On the other hand, plain walls can be brought to life with bold-coloured blinds that have interesting design features. For example, composite shutter blinds look just like traditional shutters but work like blinds. They can be easily pulled up and down to open or close them accordingly.

4. Sturdy materials such as PVC or wood

One thing is for certain: the blinds in your kids' rooms are likely to take a beating over time. To prevent frequent maintenance costs, consider a durable material such as PVC or wood. Faux wood is also a useful option because it comes in numerous designs and styles.

Just because you select a durable material doesn't mean that you have to compromise on features. You can get wooden blinds with a cordless lift and an easy opening/closing mechanism. If you are interested in seeing more options, contact a business that creates custom-made blinds.