Why Pick A Glass Splashback?

Posted on: 4 November 2016

The benefits of a kitchen splashback are pretty clear to see: they're easier to clean than paint, so it makes sense to have them installed in a place that is likely to get dirty more often than other sections of your wall. They add a touch of life and colour to your kitchen and are a simple and affordable way to set the room off and give it a little personality. There are also so many different options for colour, texture and size that the possibilities are many and varied.

Most splashbacks are tiled, though metal is also quite common. It's increasingly popular to use sheet glass for your kitchen splashback, though--so what are the benefits of making this choice, and should you consider it for your own kitchen?

You'll be able to find any colour and texture you fancy.

Glass, of course, comes with plenty of options--and you'll have the full benefit of those options when you choose a glass splashback for your kitchen. Many of them are textured or patterned, and specialist companies can do any shade you fancy; many have a large library of potential colours, and there are some manufacturers who will colour-match any swatch you give them just as a paint mixer does. You can get printed glass with extra designs on top and 'special effects' glass that has an iridescent or glittered finish. You can even use mirrored glass to really add something extra to a room.

Sheet glass is surprisingly easy to install.

Tiles look great, but they're fiddly. Nobody actually enjoys grouting; it takes ages, and it's easy to create an awful mess. Most glass splashbacks are a single sheet, which saves a huge amount of time and effort during the installation process. Metal splashbacks are common alternative to tiles, but they tend to be either heavy or broken down into several pieces--both of which make them more laborious to install than a single sheet of glass.

No other splashback type is so quick and easy to clean.

The other major problem with grouting is that it attracts dirt and is awkward to keep clean; unless you want to spend hours every month scrubbing away at it with baking soda on a toothbrush you're going to have to resign yourself to a bit of grease and dirt left behind! Sheet glass splashbacks, on the other hand, have none of this problem--you can simply wipe them down and move on, without any of the fiddly corners to worry about.