How to Choose the Right Blinds for Your Kitchen

Posted on: 29 September 2016

Choosing the right blinds for your kitchen can be tricky. How do you pick something that won't be affected by splashes, offers all the light and privacy you need, and still looks stylish? Being really clear on your needs and your budget before you start shopping is helpful. Knowing exactly what you want will ensure that you don't overspend for features you don't need, or miss out on anything essential. The list below outlines some main considerations when shopping for new kitchen blinds and suggests styles and materials to meet each need.

Won't be ruined by splashes

It's inevitable that kitchen blinds will suffer a few splashes and spills during their lifetime, so it's important to pick a fabric that's durable and can be wiped clean. This is especially important if the blinds are located near to the sink or preparation area, or if you have kids. Polyester is a popular choice of material, as it can be easily wiped clean, isn't too expensive, and is available in a wide range of colors and designs. Venetian blinds made from faux wood or aluminum are a great option close to the sink, as they won't be affected by the odd splash, and won't warp when exposed to heat or steam.

Offer enough privacy

If your kitchen faces onto your garden, then you might not be too concerned about privacy. For street facing kitchen windows, however, privacy is key. Solid roller blinds will offer complete privacy and can provide a good amount of insulation during winter. If you'd like the option of letting in more light and looking out of the window during the day, then a Venetian blind makes sense. These blinds can be turned to an open or closed position, allowing you the perfect balance of light and privacy. Enough light is really important in the kitchen, as cooking without being able to see what you're doing can be messy and dangerous.

Match the rest of the kitchen

It's easy to get caught up in practicality when shopping for kitchen blinds, so make sure you spend a bit of time thinking about design, too. Brightly colored polyester blinds can inject a pop of color into an otherwise bland kitchen. Cheerful patterns are a fun option - you might choose a print of your favorite fruit, vegetable or flower. When it comes to Venetian blinds, wood or faux wood offers a nice traditional look, perfect for a country-style kitchen. If you're after something a bit more modern, then an aluminum blind is perfect - these are available in all colors of the rainbow, as well as silver, and make a cool talking point if you entertain often.