Tips on How to Choose the Colors for External Shutters in Your Home

Posted on: 16 September 2016

External shutters are great window treatment options that can change the exterior look of your home without breaking the bank on an expensive renovation project. One of the major decisions that you will be faced with when buying external shutters is choosing the ideal colors. How do you do this from the range that's available on the market today? Here are some guiding factors that should help you to settle with the right color pallet that will complement other fixtures on your home's exterior and improve curb appeal.

The exterior style of your home

What's the exterior style of your home? Is it contemporary or traditional? Homes that take on a modern style can pull off daring and bold shutter colors and hues such as reds, blues, oranges, and other bright colors. Traditional homes are usually a laid back and will look good with shades of white, gray, or black. Before choosing a particular color, make sure that it blends with or complements other fixtures such as your exterior door, wall color, and the roof.

Size of the windows

The size of the windows and can guide you in choosing the ideal colors for the shutters. For instance, you can make small windows look larger by using the same paint color as that on the window trims. Using the same color visually expands the windows and makes them look large. Using different colors on the trim and shutters can make the windows look even smaller.

Landscaping and architectural features

The landscaping features around your home can give you an idea of which colors to choose for your exterior colors. Stand outside your home and get a view of all the landscaping and the architectural features such as flowers, plants, grass, stained driveway, and other features. Use these features and their colors to determine the ideal color pallet that will appear cohesive while complementing these features. Remember that choosing the color of your external shutters without having the bigger picture in mind can make the home look visually fragmented.

Neighborhood style

Choosing shutter colors that coordinate with those of other houses in your neighborhood can be essential, especially if you intend to sell the house in the future. It can also prevent your home from awkwardly standing out from others in the area. You do not have to match with the neighbors, but the colors should not clash. The color schemes can guide you to choose colors within the same color pallet. Note that if your home has a modern exterior style and your neighbors have taken on a traditional style, you can explore bold colors.

Use these tips when choosing the ideal colors for external shutters. You can consult a professional interior designer if you are still unable to settle on a color scheme.