Ways to Incorporate Security Screen Doors into the Design of Your Home

Posted on: 15 September 2016

Security screen doors are sturdy, durable, and burglar deterrent doors that every homeowner should consider using for their exterior doors. The security screen installed with the door prevents the entry of bugs and flies into your home and allows air circulation without opening the doors and leaving the home vulnerable to thieves.

Traditional security doors were designed for safety purposes with little consideration put in their design and style. For this reason, many homeowners shied away from them due to their negative effect on curb appeal. However, modern security doors are manufactured in various designs and styles to suit the varied tastes of homeowners. Here are some things you should have in mind when trying to incorporate security screen doors to the style of your home.

Design, shape, and pattern Security screen doors are available in a wide variety of designs, shapes, and patterns. The metal bars used to reinforce the door can be custom designed to a particular style that complements your home. You do not have to install one with metal bars running vertically and horizontally to create square or rectangular patterns. Modern security screen doors can add a contemporary, rustic, country, or modern luxurious feel to your home depending on the patterns and shapes that you choose. You can even choose a design that complements and blends with the landscape around your house.

Colors and shades Most manufacturers of security screen doors prefer powder coating as opposed to liquid paint for steel, aluminum, and wrought iron doors. One of the benefits of powder coated security doors is that you can get any colors and shades that you prefer. Liquid paint can be quite limiting, and you may be forced to settle with lighter or darker shades that do not blend with the surrounding landscape. Go for powder coated security doors for a chance to choose from the wide range of colors. Ensure that the colors you choose complement the exterior wall and other permanent fixtures around your exterior door.

Mesh design The type of screen you select for your security door can improve or degrade the aesthetics of your home. A screen with large meshes can be an eyesore, and even allow small bugs into your home. Go for a security screen with a fine mesh that will blend seamlessly with the door, allow circulation of air, and keep out bugs. Some security screens are even retractable and can be rolled up to increase air flow and allow more light into the home.

Consider these factors when choosing the ideal security screen door to match the design of your home and improve its aesthetics. Also, ensure that you hire an expert contractor to install it for guaranteed durability and quality performance.